Tuesday, March 30, 2010

killing "in the name of?"

I have never been a religious person. Though I have my personal set of morals and what I was taught to be right or wrong which could place me and my family in the label of " a Christian". Or at least what a Christian is MEANT to be.
If Christians aspire to live their lives as Christ did, why do we hear so much about people planning to kill others in the name of God? What does that say about God?
I hear so many Christians say, "Beware of God's wrath" and "God hates this, God hates that..."
If you ask me, religion is supposed to be about eternal and unbelievable love and acceptance of fellow people and extreme compassion for all people equally. If God is so Holy and Great, why do people say to fear him? I believe a being so powerful and knowing and loving has not one ounce of evil in it. God loves ALL people. Black, white, brown, green.. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jainism, Buddhist or even Agnostic. If God is real, GOD LOVE YOU. Don't believe the ridiculous excuse that so many Christians subconsciously believe, "if you are not like me, you aren't worthy". The point, my dear friends is that if you believe in God, then you better sure as Hell accept and love every single one of your brothers and sisters just as God does.
Christianity is to me the most judgmental and disgustingly hypocritical excuse for a religion I have ever heard of. There is so much hate in the followers of Christianity, and so much corruption. Take the Priest who molested all of those deaf boys (among thousands of other disgusting pedophiles who should be castrated for their actions) or the Militia who "in the name of Jesus Christ" planned to kill innocent people. They are no better than the Muslim extremist terrorist who we, as a nation, fear and attempt to protect one another from. I am so fed up with this idea that one religion is better than another.
Possibly the most peaceful man who ever lived, Jesus Christ, did not want all of this corruption and evil to live up to his name. At least I believe he didn't.

I believe it was Ghandi who stated, "I like Christ, but I do not like you Christians, you are so unlike Him."

Right on, Ghandi.

If only these ignorant fools could accept that we are all ONE. That love overpowers evil, and just because someone is different doesn't give you the right to judge and hurt them in anyway.
A word of advice toward those extremist hypocritical "Christians".
Do not offend Christ in such a way by dishonoring him with your acts of unbelievable terror. That is not a Christian in my book.
I am not a religious person, but I like Christ,and I believe people like me, who aren't labeled as Christian are more like him that those who state they are closest to the lord.
Do the world a favor and accept another individual as they are, and attempt to try something good, which Christianity was created to originally do.
Spread the ideals of peace, harmony and love.
Something the world desperately needs.

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