Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have told many lies..

one of them being, "I will write more".
Although the world around me has changed, somewhat for better, yet too for worse, I seem to remain neutral. My mind is expanding, my knowledge of many useful and/or useless things is growing and things don't seem so bad so often.
There may in fact come a time where I look back and wonder,
But it has also occurred to me that I may never know those answers.
It has also occurred to my attention, that those answers don't matter.
All that matters is what we do with the time that is given to us.
We are not our past, we are weary of the future, and the present seems to form it's own path amongst shadows of trees and nests of bees.
As long as we are civil, as long as we remain a loving people, we will have peace.