Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Over the past week I have experienced the return of Jonathan, the departing of him to the Bahamas, the return of him (once again), lovemaking, fighting, kicking, crying, utter bliss, beach days, a painful eye doctor visit,and the final goodbye kiss.

After about two days of non-stop crying in hysterics and staring into the popcorn ceiling next to a flickering lavender scented candle, I feel as though I've exited that wild passionate person I used to be. I feel so ready and confident for whatever I need to be ready and confident for.

While I sit here, on my bed in my new condo with my bookshelves, and wandering corners, I can just feel that things are changing. I am changing. And, for once in my life, I am adjusting to change, and I am taking to it with positive thoughts and belief in myself.

And you know what, it feels fantastic.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

la casa mia

Beth and I have officially moved into our new condo and what an experience it is so far. I'm not quite sure if its happy or sad. I guess melancholy for lack of a better emotion. On one hand I miss the safety and sanctuary of home...Not having to worry about payments, rent and utilities. I miss my family and knowing they were always somewhere in the house. Then on the other hand ots nice having my own home. A place that I can say is mine. So the feelings are mixed. I guess thats normal when you move in for the first time.

Here is a peek:

our lovely dining/living room. complete with febreeze and futon.

Jon and Beth rather exhausted from the stormy day of moving mattresses.

wine and dine!

So with the new move and Jonathan being home for break, I must say a lot of interesting things are happening in my life. Jon has been away on vacation in the Bahamas (JEALOUS) so I've been keeping busy and trying to work on some new material. I have written a few short scenes here and there for a couple ideas for stories. I must say, not my best work, but everyone hits those writers blocks sometimes.

With school beginning next week--mainly taking fiction writing and literature classes, I am sure something will spark. It's like the health inspector at work, it comes when least expected.

I've been really into this band called The Weepies lately. You can hear some of their music here:

Also i'm extremely obsessed with Oren Lavie, and his beautiful stop action video to "Her Morning Elegance". I may be rather late on finding this video, but I can't stop watching it.

Have a lovely day :)