Tuesday, March 16, 2010


There is a disgusting man sitting next to me who is smacking his gum like a cow. Why are some people so nasty? Why do they do sick annoying and impolite things like talk on their cell phones so loud the entire store can hear every bit of their lame conversation, or throw hot tea at baristas, or get mad at you when you don't speak Spanish. Why do men think they can scratch their dicks in public and assume it is okay and no one notices? In the words of Regina Spektor:
"Got to get me out of here, this place is full of dirty old men."

Other than that, I am pretty much on the verge of insanity. Nothing new. Currently working on some poetry and listening to the incredible Andrew Bird and trying to stay as calm as possible. Lately the littlest things bug me. Life is being mean to me.
Oh, I also discovered that you should not ever tell someone you like them until they tell you first. Just a let down unless you know for sure the person is hooked. It is basically like a death wish for me to admit my emotions to myself let alone another person.
So I shall continue to live in my little bubble of a fantasy world. I like it better than my reality at the moment.
Maybe some people are not meant to be loved. I guess we have to manage population control some way or another. haaaa.
Well then, I shall attempt to work.
and, im off!


  1. Oh man I get like that too! You're super brave admitting your feelings to someone! Don't let them keep you down girl! Miss you!

  2. thanks Mariana, I hate admitting my feelings. But it gave me a lot to write about. Rejection can do so much for any art form..lol I miss you too!!