Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Adi Granth on women

I have found a lot of positives in the religion of Sikhism. It is the only religion I know of in which women are of equal status as men. This is what is written in their version of The Bible, or the Koran:

We are born of woman,
we are conceived in the womb of woman,
we are engaged and married to woman.
We make friendship with woman
and the lineage continued because of woman.
When one woman dies,
we take another one,
we are bound with the world through woman.
We grow up stronger and wiser having drunk milk from the breast of woman.
Why should we talk ill of her,
who gives birth to Kings?
The woman is born from woman;
there is none without her.
Only the One True Lord is without woman.
(Guru Nanak, Asa Di Var, pg 473)

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