Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the like poem

I like you
Sometimes in black and white
usually at night.
I like the pictures you make me,
they show up at perfect times.
They make me want to press my lips
to your sternum.
You make me want to come up from below.
also i want to bake you cookies.
I don't really like that girl you
used to date...
I like her hair,
but her generic style makes me cringe.
I especially like how when you think of her
you legitimately want to vomit.
I really like the way you hold me
just so I can breathe you in.
I also enjoy eating bagels
with shmear.
--with you.
I like how you
accept my veri baad speling errorz.
I like your beard,
I like your lips,
I like your fingertips.
I dig your style,
it's so come se dice....."Fleet Foxes?"
i want to take a million photographs
of you and send them to myself in the mail
so i can open them and smile every time.

I like you
like i you
you i like
uoy ekil i
oh hey.
i like you.

Je T'aime, Paris...
e tu.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! Simple poems that are straight up are the best ones sometimes