Sunday, June 27, 2010

the super stone

I dream in silk. I don't like to dream in cinder blocks like my closed-minded com padres. Although--silk can stain...but blocks can break. Still, I'm just happy I dream. That's pleasure enough for me.
Have you ever realized you spent a portion of your life in auto pilot? My feet took me somewhere new. I follow where my legs take me most of the time. In other words, I mainly just take what like throws at me. Even if it's something massive and destructible. Anyway, i like that I followed my toes. These babies can now bask in the glory of a hard and lonely search for human connection.

I came across a stone on the beach the other day. Not a shell but a stone. I instinctively picked it up and washed off the grainy sand in the water. But then I thought to myself, I just got so much joy out of finding this stone, I cant take it and risk some other person, with my odd taste in smoothly shaped Florida stones, not discovering it. So I placed in back in the sand where it belongs. I hope you find it.

Also, it sometimes feels like winter even though I know it's not..

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