Saturday, March 26, 2011

walking on your hands

Today I decided things would change in my life. I have cleansed my soul of all of the things and people who were contaminating me. As painful as it is and was to let go of some of those ties, I understand that in the end, I am what matters.
A lot is going to change in my life, and I am so happy for it. I have never felt more good about a change as I do right now. I feel like a giant stone has been lifted from inside my heart. Like I can fly, I can pray, I can be myself again.
When you put yourself too much into another, whether out of love or some other kind of motion, you loose yourself in the process if your partner doesn't compliment you back.
And that's what a lover should do. Compliment you. Not in words and affections, but in life. Only bring you higher....not lower.
I have seen the potential in myself as a person. And although i am far from perfect, I'm better than what I was when I was in love with a ghost.

"So make your siren call
and sing all you want
I will not hear what you have to say.
Cause i need freedom now
and I need to know how
to live my life like its meant to be."


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